Shopping at City Thrift

You're trying to find just the right outfit that oozes authenticity, comes durable, and doesn't break the bank, but these days it's easy to spend your whole paycheck on a couple shirts and a pair of pants. On top of that when you match your home decorations to your closet, you've just tripled your budget! How can someone maintain their wardrobe and home without spending so much money?

That's where City Thrift comes in. We spend the time to properly sort and sift through donations to make sure every piece of clothing and home furnishings are up to your standards. We take the time to go out to the donor's place, with our own truck, to retrieve the items ourselves. This ensures the least amount of damage to items while they find their next home. Couple that with our affordable prices and superior selection, you'll find what you're looking for at City Thrift.

Never shopped at a thrift store before?

We got you covered. Here's a few things to keep in mind when shopping at City Thrift.

  1. Our stock is constantly rotating. That means we are constantly adding new items as old items are finding their homes. If you don't find what you're looking for, wait a week or two and come back in to a whole new store.

  2. We have a rotating series of tags that are marked for 50% off on certain weeks. If that book was tempting at ten dollars, just wait until the half off week hits!

  3. Go in with the right mindset. Normally when we go in a store we already have a good idea of what we want, where it is in the store, and how much it's going to be. Shopping in a thrift store doesn't fit that mold. You're here to see what's new in the store, and aren't quite sure what is going to be here. Go in with an open mind; it's about finding treasure.

  4. Spend your time looking through the racks. This could be a fun way to spend an afternoon with friends! There's often so much in a thrift store, and while there may be a couple racks at a traditional store there's often rows and rows at a thrift shop. If you don't find something in the first couple racks don't be afraid to keep going!

  5. Make friends with the staff. They are often very knowledgeable about what the store contains, and if you can describe something you're looking for, they may be able to find your needle in the store's hay stack. Plus you might get good info like what's going on sale soon or when stock will get rotated.

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